Active since 2005.

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– Access to Justice and Fight Against Impunity in Haiti (2017-2023)
– Women and Girls Standing With Dignity for Our Sexual and Reproductive Rights (2021-2025)

Lawyers Without Borders Canada has been active in Haiti since 2005 and has had a permanent presence there since 2010. Its team operates from its office in Port-au-Prince.

“They have allowed me to live this unimaginable dream. I encourage them to continue their activities. There are many innocent people or people who have already served their sentences who are languishing there with no hope of ever getting out.”

- Florestal Billy, one of the 3,692 inmates awaiting trial

These young people maintain the memory of the Duvaliers in Haiti.


From 2005 until today.


Legal legacies on critical issues addressed in the Haiti program.

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in Haiti

Together, let us fight against impunity, concretize the rights of Haitian women and equip the human rights defenders of tomorrow in Haiti.