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8 June 2019

Since cholera was brought to Haiti in October 2010, at least 9,800 persons have died and over 820,000 Haitians have contracted this disease, which had been non-existent in the country until then. The loss of these thousands of human lives and the extensive suffering caused by the epidemic are a real tragedy, from which Haitian society is still struggling to recover to this day. Those who have survived the disease or who have lost loved ones to cholera can only overcome this ordeal with appropriate assistance that respects their dignity, their needs and their rights.


This study shows that the material assistance and support package for victims, as described in the UN document A New Approach to Cholera in Haiti, can be implemented using an approach that focuses on victims’ rights, needs and priorities. Such an approach is in line with prevailing practice in similar contexts, as well as with international human rights standards developed by the United Nations.