Active since 2003.

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Projects in progress Projects in progress


– Justice, Gender and Peacebuilding – GENPAZ (2023-2025)

– Strengthening capacities to combat human trafficking – FINTRATA (2022-2026)

– Access to justice, transitional justice and women (2021-2024)

Lawyers Without Borders Canada has been operating in Colombia since 2003 and has had a permanent presence since 2011. Its team operates from its office in Bogotá.

“There is no other organization that is this committed to women, that comes to our villages to tell us, ‘You have the right to speak, to express yourself, there are people, institutions, that must hear you’.”

- Beneficiary of the Transitional Justice and Women project

They are not victims but protagonists of peace.


From 2003 to present.

in Colombia

Together, let’s fight human trafficking and facilitate the transitional justice process in Colombia.