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16 January 2024

Lawyer Julianna Fox on the left; on the right, Pre Miriam Cohen.

Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) is pleased to announce the unanimous election of lawyer Julianna Fox and professor Miriam Cohen to its board of directors. They join a team of 9 administrators, predominantly female, under the presidency of Délia Cristea.


“Ms. Fox and Ms. Cohen are professionals who shine through their competence, respective experience, and associative motivation. Their commitment to access to justice and international cooperation made them unequivocal choices for our board of directors. We welcome them enthusiastically into our large family.” – Délia Cristea, President of LWBC.


As Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and General Counsel for Global Legal Operations for WSP Global, Julianna Fox oversees the global ethics and compliance program, which includes the anti-corruption, human rights, and privacy programs. Internationally, she is involved with the Integrity Management Committee for the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, where, as vice-president, she also supports efforts against corruption. These skills make her a formidable asset to Lawyers Without Borders Canada.


Miriam Cohen is an associate professor at the Faculty of Law at the Université de Montreal and holds the Canada Research Chair in Human Rights and International Reparative Justice. She is the founder of the Human Rights and International Justice Lab, has worked at the International Court of Justice of the United Nations, and at the International Criminal Court. Ms. Cohen is also involved with the Quebec Society of International Law and the Canadian Council on International Law, where she is respectively vice-president and a board member. Her arrival at LWBC is part of a career dedicated to human rights.


“I am honored to join the Board of directors for Lawyers Without Borders Canada. This organization is critical to defending human rights and supporting access to justice for some of the most vulnerable populations in the world, and thus contributes to paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future for all.” – Lawyer Julianna Fox


“I am honored to join the board of LWBC. LWBC contributes to advancing the protection and implementation of human rights by facilitating access to justice for people in vulnerable situations in the spirit of international solidarity. I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the continuation of the mission of this inspiring international cooperation organization that resonates with the research program I lead within the Canada Research Chair in Human Rights and International Reparative Justice, to ensure increased protection against fundamental rights violations in Canada and internationally.” – Dr. Miriam Cohen


Departure of lawyer Fannie Lafontaine, a Longtime Ally


The organization also acknowledges the commitment of lawyer Fannie Lafontaine, who is stepping down from her role as a board member after more than 16 years of collaboration.


The LWBC board of directors, like the team of over 140 people it oversees, aspires through its commitment to a world where justice is done independently and equitably. A vision that Ms. Fannie Lafontaine defended vigorously during her years with the organization, which today wants to warmly thank her for her invaluable contribution to the advancement of human rights worldwide.




Alex Lemieux, Communication Advisor