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1 June 2020

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To help you better understand what voluntary cooperation at LWBC is, we’ve put together a number of blog articles written by volunteers working on international cooperation projects, including the Protection of the Rights of Children, Women and Other Vulnerable Communities project (PRODEF1). During their assignment, volunteers are given the opportunity to contribute to LWBC’s blog to explain the issues they’re working on and share their experiences. Each of the articles presented here will help you immerse yourself in the world of voluntary cooperation, learn about all the aspects the work involves, and better understand the impact it has on local partners, supported communities, persons in situation of vulnerability, and LWBC volunteers themselves. Narrowing down our choice to the articles we’ve selected was not an easy task given the geographic and thematic diversity of the content submitted. Out of the many compelling and incredibly inspiring stories about the work being carried out by our volunteers, we have chosen ten to showcase here.


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