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7 May 2021

Last February, Colombian women who had participated in our transitional justice workshops in Colombia organized an activity for their Venezuelan sisters on the other side of the border. Accompanied by our partner, the Equipo Jurídico Pueblos, they went to the state of Zulia.


The objective of this activity was to facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge among these women who share a common context of violence related to internal armed conflicts. Together, they have developed their knowledge on gender equality, gender-based violence (GBV) and access to justice, and have developed collective strategies to better protect their rights and prevent potential violations.


In the border region with Venezuela, there is a significant lack of services that are able to support the fight against GBV. The security situation is very precarious. The presence of armed groups and drug traffickers on both sides of the border increases the risk of women becoming victims of violence and even human trafficking. The presence of international cooperation is limited and civil society organizations have few resources.


Accessible justice for all


As part of the advocacy efforts in Colombia, we aim to improve access to justice and reparations for women and children who are victims of the armed conflict. Alongside the project, the workshop established a dialogue through which women are strengthening their participation in transitional justice mechanisms.


The tools shared during this activity will allow better coordination of the advocacy actions carried out by these women against GBV.