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Give for justice

Why contribute to LWBC?

By contributing to Lawyers Without Borders Canada’s mission you are providing the means for:

- defending and promoting human rights and the rule of law;
- combating impunity;
- strengthening the security and independence of human rights lawyers;
- encouraging fair trials; and
- training members of civil society and interveners in the justice system

What does LWBC do with your money?

Public donations are a necessary complement to the funding of agencies and institutions which enable the implementation of LWBC’s international development projects in the field.

Here are a few concrete examples of activities that have been carried out specifically as a result of public donations:

- Mission to Guatemala which permitted the development of LWBC’s Strengthening of Strategic Human Rights Litigation Project: 3 200 $

- Distribution of tents, dry food, first aid kits and basic necessities to some of LWBC’s partners in Port-au-Prince (Haïti) following the January 12, 2010 earthquake: 3 000 $

- Participation at the Kampala (Uganda) Conference on the International Criminal Court and the drafting of a position paper in favour of opening an investigation into human rights violations in Colombia : 3 450 $

- Trial Observation Mission to the trial of Alberto Fujimori in Lima (Peru): 2 150 $

- Two day training in Québec City of 90 LWBC members and volunteer cooperants: 2 300 $

- 16 page information bulletin printed and transmitted to LWBC members: 650 $

- Conferences on the protection of human rights and the rule of law at four Canadian law schools: 300 $


Individual and Corporate Donations

Any individual, law firms, businesses, societies, associations and governmental or non-governmental organisations can make an instant online donation through the secure CanadaHelps system (VeriSign Secured™).

CanadaHelps is a not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to make it easier to donate online to Canadian charitable organisations.

To make an online donation, click on the icon below, which will bring you to the CanadaHelps secure site, and follow the instructions. A tax receipt, in the name of CanadaHelps, specifying that your donation has been made to Lawyers Without Borders Canada, will be instantly transmitted to you. The service is entirely free.


LWBC applies the standards of professionalism, ethics and efficiency in financial management, in particular in terms of the cost-reduction and the use of results-based management techniques.

LWBC’s financial statements are verified by external auditors from the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton firm.

You can make also a donation through the LWBC's online form (french version).

Tax Receipts

LWBC is registered in Canada as a not-for-profit organisation. LWBC issues tax receipts for all subscriptions and donations of 15$ or more.

By donating to LWBC, it is you who makes the difference in the field. Thank you !

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Lawyers Without Borders Canada is not affiliated with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders.
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