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The LWB movement in the world

LWB in Brussels (Belgium)

Currently, LWB in Brussels is the largest organisation of Lawyers Without Borders. Lawyers Without Borders Brussels (LWBB) employs 11 staff at the head office and more than 191 employees, out of which 179 people are locally recruited and 11 are expatriates in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, East Timor, and Nepal where LWBB holds permanent missions. There are also a number of volunteer lawyers that provide assistance to LWBB in each of these countries.

In addition to its international cooperation programs in the above-mentioned countries, LWBB is engaged in a long term project in Israel and Palestine and is active in the field of international criminal law, managing the Lawyer for Lawyer project (a support mission for local lawyers in sensitive human rights defence cases) as well as the Globalization and Justice program (an awareness raising campaign on the globalization of justice and its impact on development).

In 2010, LWB Brussels launched the International Legal Network, which allows lawyers from across the world to participate in international solidarity interventions.

Also in 2010, LWB Brussels débuted a new multinational program for the promotion of the International Criminal Court and for its increased efficiency, notably in collaboration with civil society organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Colombia, East Timor, and Nepal. LWBC partner has partnered with LWB Brussels on this project on the International Criminal Court, for Latin America. The two organizations also collaborate on the program of LWBC in Haiti.


LWB in Toulouse (France)

LWB France consists of a team of nine employees with the support of interns at the head office in Toulouse; and a team of some 70 volunteers who are responsible, notably, for the development and the implementation of their international cooperation projects.

The main projects of LWB France are currently underway in Nigeria (campaign against torture and the death penalty); francophone Africa (training program); Cambodia (defence for the victims of the Khmer Rouge before the Extraordinary Chambers of the Cambodian tribunals) and in Laos (reinforcement of the legal profession). LWB France has also put in place the International Observatory for Lawyers, a protection and defence mechanism for lawyers under threat on account of their human rights defence activities. LWB France also offers continuing legal education programs in France.

Sponsored by LWB France at the time of its creation, LWBC has collaborated with this organization in the implementation of certain projects, notably in Nigeria.


LWB in other parts of the world

Other LWB groups have been created in different countries within Europe, Africa and South America. However, the international movement is yet to be officially amalgamated. Certain national groups are part of the LWB Network established by LWB France. LWBC is not a member of the LWB Network.

LWBC is in no way related to Lawyers Without Borders, Inc., an organization based in Hartford (United States) which is independent and distinct, nor with Mr. William Goldnadel, who also uses, in France, the name of "Lawyers Without Borders".


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