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Mission, vision and values

Our Mission

Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) is a non-governmental international development organisation, whose mission is to support the defence of human rights for the most vulnerable groups and individuals, through the reinforcement of access to justice and legal representation.

LWBC seeks to contribute to the defence and promotion of human rights, uphold the rule of law, fight against impunity, reinforce the security and independence of human rights lawyers, support the holding of fair trials, and contribute to the continuing education of stakeholders within the justice system, as well as members of civil society.

Our Vision

A world where internationally defined human rights and liberties are respected, implemented, and promoted and where justice is rendered in an independent and equitable fashion.

Our Values

There are six values which form the pillars of LWBC’s action :

  • Justice
  • Solidarity
  • Cooperation
  • Involvement
  • Integrity
  • Independence

Our Basic Principles

When implementing its projects and activities LWBC also adheres to the following principles :

  • Subsidiarity
  • Collegiality
  • Complementarity
  • Affirmation of human rights
  • Professionalism and responsibility
  • Risk management


If you would like further information on our values and principles of action, consult our Statement of Values and Basic Principles

Code of Ethics

At Lawyers Without Borders Canada, ethics constitutes a preoccupation of fundamental importance. LWBC applies rigorous ethical norms to all of its activities, keeping in mind its mission, its vision, its charter, its values and its guiding principles.

This ethical code was adopted by the administrative council September 28th 2012. It serves as a guideline for the type of conduct and behaviour that all LWBC representatives must respect. It establishes certain norms whose respect is an important condition for any participation in LWBC activities.

Anti Corruption Policy

Lawyers Without Borders Canada acknowledges that corruption, which is a violation of the law, rules and ethical norms, is also an insidious evil of which the effects are multiple and detrimental. It constitutes therefore an infringement against justice.

Corruption is a practice that is opposed to the values, the principles and the ethical and moral code of LWBC and it can compromise the realisation of its most fundamental mission.
LWBC has therefore equipped itself with an Anti corruption policy, with the goal of prohibiting and preventing all forms of corruption within its activities.

Policy of Equality between Men and Women

Lawyers Without Borders Canada adheres to the fundamental principles of equal opportunity between men and women, and insists on the principle of non-discrimination.
LWBC acknowledges that all human beings are born free and equal with the same fundamental rights and freedoms, and that each individual can claim these rights and freedoms, without any distinction, particularly related to their sex.

With the will to attain equal representation in its activities, LWBC has equipped itself with a policy of equality between men and women.

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